Jim Cramer thinks the market has either forgotten, or doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit! Especially with the Dow (Dow Jones Global Indexes: .DJI) closing at 17,958, S&P 500 (^GSPC) at 2,075 and Nasdaq (^IXIC) at 4,780. “Holy cow! When I got in this racket the Dow was at 800! And to think that I was told we would never get to 1,000 in my lifetime back then. Wrong!” the “Mad Money” host said.

With exception of the threat of global issues like Vladimir Putin peeking into the stock market and stirring it up, it’s clear sailing until the end of the year. So it’s time to have positive chatter and highlight a few opportunities for the upcoming week: Tuesday: AutoZone (AZO): Four times a year, AutoZone reports. Four times a year it disappoints. Then four times a year Cramer suggests buying AutoZone because the company will buy into its own stock on weakness. Then four times a year investors make money. This is one of those times: Cramer says to buy AutoZone on the decline.

Thursday:Most exciting day of the week for corporate newsUnited Technologies (UTX): It’s investor day. Lamenting on the recent departure of its CEO, Cramer suspects this will be one heck of a meeting. So with the big bad payroll wolf out of the way for this year, it looks like the market can relax for now. “Remember though, the market doesn’t care good or bad, it just wants it to be put paid so investors can party on Ski Daddy. And that’s exactly what I’m predicting will happen from now until 2015.”Read More Cramer’s gameplan: Party to 2015, you’re invited! The “Mad Money” host freaked out as he watched the biggest merger of the year go down the tubes recently. The freak out happened when the big pharmaceutical company Abbvie (ABBV), announced it was dropping its $ 54 billion tax-inversion takeover bid for Shire (London Stock Exchange: SHP-GB). This was due to new rules from the Treasury Department that were designed to stop tax inversion deals.

So what exactly happened, and why is this stock on fire? Well, AbbVie knew it had to do something to boost the stock. So it announced a 17 percent dividend bump. That made it the second-highest yielder in the sector. It also announced a $ 5 billion buyback. “When you are dealing with a high-quality company, don’t be discouraged if one plan for value creation falls through. When AbbVie dropped its bid for Shire, a lot of people thought it was a goner, but management just found new ways to bring out value, and some, like the hep C franchise, were there all along if you just had eyes to see them.” Read More Cramer’s pharma comeback that is on fire! With all of this good news, Cramer determined that this company will just keep on going higher for the rest of the year, maybe even beyond. Sometimes you get a company with a stock that is so red hot, that it has already run high because of good news. Then when it reports a great quarter with great accompanying commentary and great guidance-the stock can still burst even higher.

This incredible phenomenon seems like a unicorn in the retail world. With exception of Ulta Salon (ULTA) on Friday, this crashed and burned a little bit more than a year ago when it fell from $ 131 to $ 80.

Then Mary Dillon took over as the new CEO, and owned up that the mediocre growth path just wasn’t cutting it. The company is now back as a legitimate player, and closed at $ 130. Yes, Cramer knows this stock is expensive. “But the bottom line is that Ulta used to be really expensive, unsustainably expensive, based on nothing more than rapid new store growth. Not anymore.” Another hot stock right now, is one that you may have never heard of. It is the world’s leader of veterinary diagnostics, and Cramer thinks it’s ready to go even higher.

Idexx Laboratories (IDXX) makes point of care veterinary diagnostic products that cover everything from instruments, analyzers and rapid assay test kits. They also have a cloud-based technology platform that allows veterinarians to access their data on the mobile or web. Now that this stock is up nearly 40 percent year to date, Cramer sat down with Idexx Lab’s CEO, Jonathan Ayers to find out where the stock is headed. Ayers responded to the company’s rapid growth when he stated “We grew 5 percent, even in that awful year of 2009. And that was our lowest year of organic growth in the past decade” He also gave his take on the importance of veterinary care to the growing number of pets globally. “The number of animals owned by pet owners is growing, but the other area is that pet owners are appreciating the value that pet care can provide to their pets. A pet can’t tell you how they feel, so it is really important to take them to the vet ,” Ayers said.

Jim Cramer thinks it is pretty darn shocking when you learn that the U.S. is over the 300,000 jobs created mark , and the number one commodity used to transport people to work still goes down . What the heck is going on? Cramer is pretty sure Saudi Arabia could easily flick a switch and shut the tap off and move oil to $ 80. But that isn’t going to happen, since Saudi Arabia has basically said not to bother them until oil gets to $ 60. Meanwhile, in the U.S. there are contracts already in place that can’t just stop. There are plans and budgets in place that all say drill, drill, drill-and they can’t stop because of the declining price of oil. “Nevertheless, when you get a data point like we had on Friday with more than 300,000 jobs created, when you get an economy where rates are low and incomes are rising; you simply have to believe that demand will pick up next year for all commodities regardless of how hobbled other countries might be because we are, in the end, the biggest user of oil in the world,” Cramer said. But if an economy with low interest rates and booming job creation can’t move oil, what will it take to be bullish on the commodity again? Cramer thinks three things need to happen first: No. 1: Huge number cuts and downgrades No. 2: Major bankruptcies and defaults from the oil players who have outspent their cash flow and have been denied further credit No. 3: Action by an established player with a deep balance sheet, to make an opportunistic acquisition and take advantage of low stock prices. Note that he said low stock prices, and not just low oil prices Thus far, none of these things have occurred. Not one single iota of one of these, let alone all three. In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to spot the hottest stocks when he gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks: Xerox (XRX):”I owe Xerox another look. This stock has been creeping up on it’s document division, and I have been out of touch with it. I am going to give a drill down on Xerox next week.” RF Micro Devices (RFMD): “I like the RF Micro tie up with TriQuint that has allowed the stock to move up even higher … These mergers are fabulous!” Read More Lightning Round: These mergers are fabulous!