U.S. stock  lower in pre-market trading for,March 23.The Nasdaq Futures is trading at 6,781.62  with a loss of -2.69% percent or -187.38 point.The Dow Futures is trading at 18,469.50 with a loss of -3.00% percent or -570.50 point. The S&P 500 Futures is trading at 2,217.25   with a loss of -3.11% percent or -71.25 point.

In other parts of world, Japan’s Nikkei 225 is trading at 16,887.78 up with +2.02% percent or +334.95 point. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is trading at 21,752.01 with a loss of – 4.62% percent or –1,060.25  point. China’s Shanghai  Composite is trading at 2,658.48 with a loss of –3.17% percent or –87.14 point. India’s BSE Sensex is trading at 26,303.15 with a loss of –12.08% percent or –3,612.81 point at 12:15 PM.Germany’s DAX is trading at 8,665.98 with a loss of –2.95% percent or –262.97  point. France’s CAC 40 is trading at 3,937.22 with a loss of –2.76% percent or –111.57 point. The Stoxx Europe 600 is trading at 282.08 with a loss of -3.74% percent or -10.96 point.

Monday’s Factors and Events

the Dow Jones, where I would like to show you one of the most powerful price setups – a false breakout. Last week, the price was drawing a pennant, which ended with a breakout to the upside. That breakout gave us a buy signal but after making a mild upswing, buyers surrendered and the price reversed. That was a false bullish breakout. It created a situation, where buyers abandoned the sinking ship and new sellers entered the market, encouraged by the bullish catastrophe. That pushed the price lower and allowed it to set new corona crash lows.

Friday Activity

For the day The Nasdaq Composite is trading at 6,879.52 up with +3.79% percent or +271.06 point. the Dow is trading at 19,173.98 with a loss of –4.55% percent or –913.21 point. The S&P 500 is trading at 2,304.92  with a loss of –4.34% percent or –104.47 point. 

Other leading market index closes included the small-cap Russell 2000 Index closed at 1,013.89 with a loss of  -4.24% percent or -44.86 point; the S&P 600 Small-Cap Index closed at 604.59   with a loss of -4.82% percent or –30.60  point; the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index closed at 1,258.73 with a loss of -4.46% percent or –30.60  point; the S&P 100 Index closed at 1,065.65  with a loss of –4.39% percent or -48.95  point; the Russell 3000 Index closed at 1,324.80  with a loss of –4.20% percent or -58.04  point; the Russell 1000 Index closed at 1,260.69  with a loss of –4.20% or -55.20 point.